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My first children's book

Zula, The Singing Zebra! is a heart warming story of a young zebra who loves singing. While everyone loves his tunes, his parents feel that Zula should play soccer like other kids. To show them how talented he is, Zula, with a little help from his Grandfather, invites them to a party and surprises them with his amazing voice. This rhyming, musical and colorful story shows the importance of surrounding children with love and encouragement so they can dream big and express themselves in their unique way without the fear of failure.


"Everyone has a special talent, something they do well and they love to do. For Zula the zebra, singing is his passion and his talent. He sings everywhere and all the time. His parents don't understand; his mother even thinks he sings out of tune. They try to encourage him to get involved in outdoor activities, but that only makes Zula sad. He loves to sing and that's all he wants to do. He seeks help from his grandfather and together they plan a party to surprise Zula's parents and make them understand his passion and his talent. His parents are surprised and pleased to finally hear and appreciate their son's true talent.
Kahani Teller's picture book story, Zula, The Singing Zebra!, is a clever way to teach young readers about our own unique talents. Using alliteration and some rhyming verse, the simple language will appeal to youngsters. The plot begins with Zula's passion for singing and develops through the obstacles that threaten to prevent him from doing what he loves best. The climax is his grandfather's grand idea with a resolution that has everyone cheering for the singing zebra. The illustrations are bright, bold and cheerful and help carry the story along. The story is charming and convincingly presents to young readers the importance of accepting everyone for who they are. Not everyone is going to enjoy playing sports or running around outside. Each talent is unique and equally important. Music and the arts are just as important as sports."

Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

"My daughters new favorite book to read before bed. Very relatable for lil kids and easy to read for the beginners"

"Really enjoyed the story and my 6 year old found it very easy to read. Pre-Schoolers and early readers should also find this an easy read as the author has used large images and simple language. It’s a good bed time story and now my daughter wants to know more about Zula."

S. Chadha

"The book conveys a very important & serious message in the most innocent way that a kid of every age can grasp. My kid found the book very exciting and intuitive which means a lot given she is not at a age where she can read anything."

R. Tandel